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Welcome to†Nepal on behalf of Tin-Tin Trekking†& Adventure, a pure local Nepali trekking agency without any intermediary agency†based in Kathmandu.We are specialised and organize according to your desire for† trekking and tours†in the Himalayas,cultural,safari,rafting and many more for Nepal-Tibet-Bhutan.Managing Director†:Mr.Suresh†Man DONGOL††Email:tintintrek@gmail.com Tel/Fax 977-1-4248404, Mobile/SMS 977-98510.44230†Internet site†www.tintintrekking.com




Group composition

In Nepal, we can guarantee that you will only be on the trek/ tour with your own group, i.e., the people together with whom you booked. Group composition for trips to Tibet and Bhutan are subject to different rules, since there is a minimum group size we are required to run for these countries. Naturally, within Nepal, the larger the group size, the more staff you will be accompanied by.


We reply to your inquiry within 24 hours.

We guarantee our clients to receive our response within 24 hours. In case you did not receive our reply within this time, it would mean that your mail did not reach us and we request you to resend a copy.





We guarantee that our field staff are well paid (as we donít have to pay heavy commission to our  correspondence in foreign countries) and, as is necessary for the high pass excursions, well equipped and that their health and other medical insurance is covered, as is requested by government laws. We also guarantee that you will have the services as per our conditions offered.


Hotel In Kathmandu


UTSE Hotel - 2 stars - in the heart of the tourist area in Jyatha-Thamel.


Utse started 28 years ago as one of the first restaurants in Thamel and contributed to develop Thamel into a major touristic area, now hotel Utse with 52 well-appointed rooms with all modern amenities aspiring off from it's old restaurant. The old Utse Restaurant continues business just next to the lobby of the hotel with the same Tibetan, Chinese and Continental cuisines prepared by the same cooks as 28 years ago and served by devoted waiters with a blend of Tibetan, Nepali, Chinese and Continental fare. The Lobby, a traditional Tibetan decorated living room where one may relax with a book, chat with a friend, enjoy a cup of tea and slice of cake. Enjoy breakfast, drinks or snacks on the sun-drenched roof top garden in plain view of the eternal Himalaya and the golden spires of the city. 



Your reservation form should be accompanied by a non-refundable deposit  per person booked, for the entire group.

Tin-Tin Trekking reserves the right to revise this fee at any time. The deposit can be paid in the following ways:

1. The most reliable and economical way is a wire transfer to one of our bank accounts. Please make sure to send us the Transaction ID once you've sent the money out, so that we can follow up at our banks in case of a delay. We have two bank accounts, details are as follows -


a) Nepal Bank Limited

Head Office

Tin-Tin Trekking & Adventure (P).Ltd.

A/C No.0002-11-0027716

New Road (Dharmapath)-Kathmandu, Nepal

Telex No. 2220 LUXMI NP

IBAN CODE :DE26512305000018006800


b) Bank of Kathmandu

Kamaladi, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tin-Tin Trekking & Adventure (P). Ltd.

A/C No US $ :010000002439

Telex No: 2820 BOK NP

Swift code: BOKLNPKA


2. By credit card (Visa and Master) over fax. This service is faster than a wire transfer, but costs extra (5%) because of the processing fee levied by the credit card companies.


3. Through a Western Union or Money Gram transfer. Although this is generally the fastest way to make a payment, it is also quite expensive.


While we will, to the best of our ability, accept bookings up to the last minute, it is in your interest to make reservations and put down the deposit as early as possible.


The remaining balance sum payment must be made on arrival in Nepal, before the start of the trek/ tour.


All payments, deposit and final, must be in US $, whether cash, travellers' cheque, or Visa/ Mastercard (subject to 5% service charge). We do, however, accept major currencies such as Euro, Australian and Canadian dollars, Pound sterling, at the local rate of exchange. 


Note: The bank commission fee max.$ 20  per transaction will be beard by the agency.


Cancellation and refunds

Should you cancel your trip with us, you will forfeit your deposit, which is kept low for this reason. There will be no refunds for facilities, accommodation, meals etc planned as part of the package if they were not used. There will also be no refund if a passenger leaves a trip for any reason, voluntarily or involuntarily, after it begins.


If you decide to postpone, we are willing to work out a solution wherein there will be no charge or penalty for postponement, but your new reservation will be subject to whatever changes there might be in cost or conditions for the tour or trek booked.


The prices quoted here are based on airfares, exchange rates, and costs in effect on the date shown. Should any of these change considerably, whether due to hikes in airfare, security or other government regulations and taxes, or any other external reason, we reserve the right to alter the costs shown. Clients may not claim refunds or bonuses based on dramatic changes in exchange rates.


Delays, Changes, Interruptions, Incomplete Trips

Tin-Tin Trekking will not be responsible for any circumstances beyond its immediate control. If a trip is cut short or interrupted, if there are delays or changes in the itinerary due to an act of domestic airlines or helicopter companies, the weather, changes in local situations, poor road conditions, strikes, or any other reason out of our control, Tin-Tin Trekking will not be responsible for any refunds or reparations or compensation for inconvenience caused. There could also be small changes within itineraries, depending on the desire and fitness of the group.



Every passenger wishing to travel with Tin-Tin Trekking must be covered by travel insurance that covers cancellation, accidents, health, emergency evacuation, and loss, theft of, or damage to, baggage and personal effects. Your travel insurance must be valid for the specific activity of trekking, if you plan to do so, as it is often listed under mountain climbing and can be exempt from coverage unless specified. It is strongly recommended that your insurance cover emergency evacuation, including helicopter transport within Nepal. If your insurance company does not cover emergency evacuation, you are bound to pay all incurred costs in cash. Comprehensive travel or evacuation/ rescue insurance cannot be purchased once in Nepal. Tin-Tin Trekking will not be responsible for any medical costs incurred, nor rescue operations, nor repatriation to home countries.



To do a trip with us, you must be in good health and physically fit. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions you must consult with your doctor before booking with us. If you plan to join one of our extended treks, we strongly recommend undergoing a thorough medical and dental examination before you leave home.


Visas and Valuables

It is solely the passengers' responsibility to have valid  passports and all visas and equipment listed required on their tour. We will not accept responsibility for any passports or documents left with us for this purpose nor will we take responsibility for any other valuables of a client.



The passenger  understands that during the course of the trip, certain risks and dangers may occur, including, but not limited to, the hazards of travelling in mountainous terrain, accident or illness in remote  places without medical facilities, and the forces of nature. The passenger  agrees to assume all risks associated with the journey, and agrees  that no liability will be attached to the company or its employees or agents, or to any member of the tour group in respect to death, injury, illness or delay, or for any loss or damage to the property of the trip,howsoever caused.



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